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May the CHNOPS be with you
Reimagining life digitally with the futuristic frameworks of Web3 & creating a community by fusion of gripping narrative, flamboyant art & intriguing design.
A Web3 Experiment with Dyanmic NFTs
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How to get a CHNOPS?
How to get a CHNOPS?
There is no Minting timeframe. Mint whenever you are ready starting Jan 2023.
All 4242 minted NFTs will start at Incubation stage (Germination) regardless of when they are Minted.
~42 NFTs Airdropped for early access. These are the alphas who can see through an alpha stage product.
~200 NFTs reserved for Collaborators & Tryangle 42 Team.
4000 NFTs for Public Sale.
Earn Rarity
The earlier you Mint, the higher the chances of getting a high Trait Rarity.
Non-Trait Rarity: Your evolution and interactions determine "Non-Trait" Rarity.
Drive the CHNOPS Storyline
Drive the CHNOPS Storyline
Solve quests and puzzles to reveal the Genesis enigma.
Set community guidelines through polls and votes.
Invent and discover elements to progress the CHNOPS culture.
Build your CHNOPS' personality
Build your CHNOPS' personality
Not just looks, interactions draft an individualistic personality for every CHNOPS.
Set community guidelines through polls and votes.
Invent and discover elements to progress the CHNOPS culture.
Evolve your NFT
Evolve your NFT
“Rarity can also be earned, not just bought”
Influence your CHNOPS' personality and character development!
Airdrops for Early Access via Discord/Twitter! 👀
Where does the name CHNOPS come from?
The name CHNOPS has been derived from the building blocks of life, namely Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Phosphorus, Sulphur, abbreviated as CHNOPS.
What is CHNOPS 42?
With community building at the core of our ethos, CHNOPS 42 is one of a kind of NFT project built on the foundation of Web3 to deliver a personalized, immersive experience.
What is CHNOPS Greenhouse?
CHNOPS Greenhouse, a subset of the larger CHNOPS 42 project, is a collection of 4242 Dynamic NFTs , designed to not only exist - but grow, transform, and evolve in ways never seen or experienced before!
How is CHNOPS Pronounced?
Where will these NFTs be hosted after mint?
CHNOPS Greenhouse collection will be available on Ethereum and hosted on IPFS.
How can I get Early Access to the Community?
NFTs will be Airdropped to genuinely interested & engaged community members via Twitter and Discord.
How can I contact you for further questions about the project or collaboration?
Reach us on Twitter: @chnopsZero